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This Doctor Shares How You Can Relieve Coronavirus Respiratory Symptoms At Home

Knowing this is a respiratory virus, and having worked as a floor nurse at the hospital, I have been saying this WHOLE time that we need to be practicing deep breathing to strengthen and get our lungs clear.

FINALLY, I have a doctor’s opinion to back up my theory about clearing our lungs regularly.

J.K. Rowling posted on Twitter, that she had been struggling with symptoms of COVID-19, but she wasn’t tested.

It was recommended to her that she try these deep breathing exercises, and she is doing much better. She says this breathing technique helped a lot.

Along with her tweet, she posted a video of the doctor demonstrating the exercise.

Did you do it with him? I’ll totally admit, I did. I plan on doing this AT LEAST once a day — and if I get symptoms (KNOCK on wood that I don’t), I’ll be doing them even MORE often!

If you were in the hospital, deep breathing exercises are supposed to be a part of EVERY stay, because it helps guard against pneumonia and respiratory problems.

Here is how to do these deep breathing exercises.

Breath in deep five times, and HOLD each breathe for five seconds before you blow it out.

The SIXTH time you breathe in, don’t hold it, but cough HARD.

REPEAT the above steps a second time.

Then, lay flat on your stomach, with a pillow under your head.

Continue to breathe normally, but a bit deeper than normal. Stay doing this for ten minutes.

Voila. That’s it! So simple, and it can totally help improve symptoms, and it MAY even stop the progression of Pneumonia.*

Watch the YouTube video of these breathing exercises, below.

*That is NOT a promise that you will not get pneumonia, but these exercises will help.

Don’t forget that the CDC is now recommending that we wear face coverings in public to protect up from contracting the virus.