The North Pole Has Just Released the Naughty and Nice List for 2021

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The elves are in the homestretch of creating the last handful of toys for Christmas and believe or not, Santa has just finished writing the official naughty and nice list that remember, he does check twice.

Kudos to Santa for finishing the naughty and nice list early this year; it’s only a few days before December and Ole’ Saint Nick has been working overtime this year.

According to the Department of Christmas Affairs which is directly under the North Pole Government, Santa’s important list is 175 pages long, phew!

Now if you find your name on the naughty list, there’s still enough time to get that changed or if you think the list is mistaken, luckily the jolly guy is a great listener.

You can dispute the change here, and remember to list all of your good deeds and good behavior this year.

The deadline to request your name to be switched from naughty to nice needs to be done before Christmas Eve on December 24 of this year.

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Although if your name is missing entirely from the list, you can also ask for your name to be added to the list.

Always remember that Santa may check his list twice, but he’s not perfect!

You can check if your name made the naughty or nice list here and I don’t want to brag or anything, but “Natalie” made the nice list again this year, YES!

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