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Target Is Selling An At Home Build-A-Bear Workshop Stuffing Station That Let’s You Make Your Own Olaf

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You can get your very OWN Build-A-Bear Workshop Disney Frozen Stuffing Station that comes with an Olaf Plush, and I’m so excited!

Courtesy of Target

Use it in the comfort of your own home, to become an ACTUAL Bear Builder, JUST LIKE the ones at Build-A-Bear Workshop that help you make all your Build-A-Bear creations.

Only, this time, you’re making your very OWN bear!! OMG!

And, it isn’t just ANY bear that you are “bringing to life.” It’s OLAF the snowman from the movie Frozen 2. Gah!

Courtesy of Target


I worked at Build-A-Bear back in the day, and people always begged for an at home way to stuff their bears. NOW THERE IS A WAY!! Y’all don’t realize how huge this is.

Courtesy of Target

You get to fluff up that silky soft stuffing before you ever fill up Olaf. This insures he is as cuddly and totally huggable as possible!

This awesome Build-A-Bear at home stuffing machine even comes with a Build-A-Bear heart, so you can make a wish, give it some love and hugs, and stick it inside your Olaf before you sew him up.

Courtesy of Target

Each pack comes with one Build-A-Bear Stuffing Station, one Disney Frozen 2 Olaf, one Build-A-Bear bag of stuffing, one Build-A-Bear Heart, one Disney Frozen 2 Olaf Birth Certificate, and one Disney Frozen 2 Olaf Accessory Sheet. 

Courtesy of Target

You can get your own Build-A-Bear Stuffing Machine AND Olaf at the Target website.

Courtesy of Target

Y’all I am FLOORED that this is only $25. What a PERFECT gift for ANYONE (like me) that NEEEEDS their own Build-A-Bear Olaf.

Courtesy of Target

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