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You Can Grow Gorgeous Galaxy Hawaiian Hibiscus Flowers And I Need Them In My Garden Now

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You can get what are called Hawaiian Hibiscus seeds on Etsy, and I need my garden full of them!!

When you think of Hawaii, what do you think?

Magical? Beautiful? Enchanting?

YES!! This flower is absolutely all of those things!

This is an absolutely exquisite plant that blooms with the scent of Hawaii — if you’ve ever been, you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about!

Just wait until you see how gorgeous this flower is with pink, and purple blooms that burst forth with beauty and magic.


For 15 bucks you get 20 FRESH seeds that are ready to go into your garden, and turn your yard into a tropical wonderland.

This is a perennial item that can be grown throughout the year and regrow every spring.

WealthSummaryGarden on Etsy

You want to make sure and allow up to 14 days for delivery, as they pack the seeds fresh, and then ship them out to you.

PLEASE NOTE : This is a listing for seeds product not a plant . The picture represent when the seeds have grown into a large plant.

WealthSummaryGarden on Etsy

You can get your own Hawaiian Hibiscus Seeds on the WealthSummaryGarden shop on Etsy.


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NewHillFarms – Etsy

I have a bit of a flower OBSESSION, because I’m also going to suggest you check out these Flowers That Look Like Cotton Candy that we found right on Amazon.

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