Did You Know You Can Turn Your Tesla’s Backseat Into A Bed? Here’s How!

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The backseat of a Tesla has gone viral on TikTok.

Apparently Tesla’s aren’t just for their good looks because if you happen to own the shiny electric car, you should also know that the backseat can be turned into a sleeping area!

Courtesy of @davidrosenberg

@davidrosenberg showed off his shiny new car on TikTok while also discovering hidden mats in the trunk that are the key factors in turning the backseat into a hotel room or a bedroom if you will.

Courtesy of @davidrosenberg

The velcro mats in the trunk of the Tesla expand when opened and can be placed vertically side by side after folding down the backseats.

Courtesy of @davidrosenberg

After placing down the mats in their correct place,Tesla was kind enough to include a fitted bedsheet to cozy up the place and even black shades to block the sun and cover up the windows.

Courtesy of @davidrosenberg

According to this TikToker, he also told his followers that there’s even enough room for two!

Courtesy of @davidrosenberg

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