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This Kid’s Travel Tray Is A Game Changer For All Your Summer Vacations

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It is officially time to start planning all your summer vacations — one of my favorite times of year.

It’s almost more fun to do all the planning, then actually head out on vacation. Right?!?


Okay. Maybe that’s stretching it a little bit, but vacation planning is all the fun! You get to do all the dreaming and wishing for all the exciting things you want to do.

One thing you totally need to get as part of your vacation planning is this Kid’s Travel Tray for the car or plane.


It is a GAME CHANGER when it comes to traveling with the kiddos.

Entertain your kids and keep their toys organized with this baby and toddler travel tray. The dry erase top of this travel tray is large and can be used as a surface for snacks or other activities when traveling.


Now, Imma be really honest here. They say this travel tray is for kids, but I would totally rock this tray!


Check it out.

This tray surface is a white board — meaning you can use dry erase markers to doodle and draw.


It also includes a safety strap — it goes around your child’s waist — mesh pockets to store all your books, snacks, and toys, a tablet stand, and a cup holder.

Literally everything your child might need or want on a long trip!


No-Drop Tablet Holder: Compatible with various devices, we designed the tablet holder to be secure and stable when travelling with restless kids. The no-drop holder on this carseat tray means less need for adjusting the tablet during long trips.


Now, it’s important to note that this Kid’s Travel Tray does NOT come with a tablet, but a holder for your existing tablet.

It also comes in several different styles: Black, Blue, Floral, Unicorns, Planets, and several more.


This Kid’s Travel Tray folds up for easy storage and portability.

You are going to freak when you see how much this travel tray costs. It’s only $29!!!


To get your own Kid’s Travel Tray simply head on over to the Amazon website.

You are totally going to want to add this straight to your shopping cart!!


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