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You Can Get A Homer Simpson Sponge Holder and Every Simpson’s Fan Needs One

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You can get a Homer Simpson Sponge Holder, which is totally “cool dude” all on its own.


But, wait!!

This hilarious sponge holder is a riff on my absolute favorite Simpsons gif!!

Everyone totally needs Homer slinking back into the bushes in their kitchen. LOL!

Looks just like the photo, and I love the drainage feature. Definitely a unique item, and fits my dad to a T.

Etsy Reviews

This Homer Simpson Sponge Holder is 3D printed with non-toxic plastic.

Etsy Reviews

Greek3DbySean has paid super close attention to detail when designing this sponge holder.

Check this out: It has a drain spout that will let the water drain into your sink, instead of sitting in the bottom of the holder.

My sponge holder turned out better than I expected as the grate on the bottom is removable so you can clean the catch-area and the drain. It mimics one of my favorite memes and I can’t wait to use it.

Etsy Reviews
Etsy Reviews

It is important to note that this does NOT come with the sponge.

But, you can get one HERE.


It can be made with a claw like clasp to hold a suction cup or with no clasp. It was made using PLA plastic which is a non-toxic plastic.


This Homer Simpson Sponge Holder is only going to set you back $20, and I’m totally getting one as a gift!

To get your own Homer Simpson Sponge Holder simply head on over to the Greek3DbySean shop on Etsy.

Etsy Reviews

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