Haribo Released A Pack of Gummies With Shapes From Around The World To Celebrate 100 Years

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I have kids that are obsessed with Haribo!

The girls are obsessed with gummy candies. This is an ongoing thing, like years. Every time there is candy involved, you can bet there are some Haribo Gummies!

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Well, Haribo is celebrating 100 years! This just so happens to be their favorite brand of gummies!


To celebrate they have made a special bag of gummies called the ‘Passport Mix’!

This is pretty cool because it has gummies from all over the world mixed into one bag!


That’s pretty cool, I’m always seeing things I want to get for the girls and then it turns out they are only available in other countries. So this gives them a chance to try out some new things!

The Passport Mix includes gummies like Balla Balla from Spain, Portugal’s Brixx, Crocs from France, Happy Cola, Cherries, and Gold Bears from Germany, and more!

This is a limited-edition, so I better start hunting now! One person said that they were able to find them at 7-Eleven!

Candy Funhouse

New from the Happy World of Haribo Candy! Haribo Passport Mix-Celebrating 100 years! Haribo Passport Mix is a “Limited Edition” released in honour of Haribo’s 100th anniversary. How time has passed. It seems just like yesterday. Each bag of Haribo Passport Mix allows candy lovers to take a trip around the world by sampling different gummy candies made by Haribo at their factories around the world! 4 oz.

Candy Funhouse
Dollar Tree

They are available in four-ounce packs, which sell for about $1.49. You can also get the Passport Mix shipped in 12-ct cases, because seriously, you need more than one bag!


You can also order them online from Candy Funhouse if you can not find them locally. I also found them available online from Dollar Tree!


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