Move Over Peanut Butter, M&M Chocolate Spread Is Here and You Can Put It On Everything

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Peanut Butter is being replaced by a sugary, candy spread that has the consistency of smooth PB and the same crunch as crunchy peanut butter.

Mars has officially released an M&M chocolate spread that will make you want to sing “M&M Chocolate Spread and Jelly time, “M&M Chocolate Spread and Jelly time!”

The perfect substitute to be used on your toast is the new M&M crispy and chocolate spread that has whole M&M’s in every spoonful.

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If you like a crunch, this jar of chocolate spread combines the best of both worlds with a smooth chocolate taste and a crispy crunch when you bite into the colorful M&M pieces.

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You can find the jar of candy spread selling on Amazon with a bright blue packaging wrapped on the jar with the M&M’s logo written on the front!

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Whoever said M&M’s were only supposed to be eaten at dessert was wrong.

The next time you decide to make toast for breakfast, consider the M&M chocolate spread on Amazon for $20 a jar!

Courtesy of Tips Hero

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