Jessica Simpson Fans Are Worried After She Posts Another Set Of Odd Photos Online

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I’m so worried about Jessica Simpson.

Whether she’s slurring her words and acting a fool on shows and commercials, whether she’s losing 100 pounds, making her too incredibly skinny, or whether she’s posting weird videos of herself online.

Lately, there has been so much Jessica Simpson news to be worried about.

She obviously has some stuff going on that we don’t see from the outside looking in.

Now, fans are taken aback by some photos she posted of herself on Instagram.

Well, I mean, fans are concerned AGAIN by MORE photos that Jessica posted of herself on Instagram.

This time, it’s her lips that are blown way out of proportion that have people talking.

It’s nothing new for celebrities to get lip injections to give them that sumptuous pout.

But, in these photos, you can hardly tell that it’s Jessica Simpson.

When you couple her dramatic weight loss with her new puffy pout, she is down-right unrecognizable.

Jessica Simpson’s Unrecognizable Instagram Pictures

In a carousel of photos posted to her Instagram page late in December, Jessica can be seen getting up close and personal with her family.

The photos are sweet, but they have fans wondering if it’s even really Jessica.

Other fans question why she looks so different than she used to.

But, the general consensus is that she doesn’t look at all the same.

While many fans had positive comments about her makeup or her family, the majority of the fans showed concern for the ever-changing Jessica Simpson.

What do you think? Should we be concerned? Should we all just leave her alone?

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