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Dairy Queen Has a Secret Menu Blizzard That Has a Fudge Center and Cookie Dough Chunks

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Secret menu items are like midnight snacks, combining foods that you didn’t know tasted so good together.

Sort of like Dairy Queen’s latest secret menu Blizzard.

Courtesy of @dairyqueen

Oh yeah, did you know that DQ has secret menu Blizzards?

Thanks to @Morgan Book’s Dairy Queen tip, we now know that you can customize your Blizzards.

Courtesy of @_thehungrysisters

This means that you can sub in or out different types of candy or chocolate toppings plus, there’s always the option of adding extra sweets too.

It’s a win win.

Courtesy of @karuman90

Dairy Queen’s latest secret menu Blizzard consumes three different types of sweets stuffed in one Blizzard including Oreos, marshmallow, and cookie dough.

Courtesy of @Morgan Book

And I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet.

Featuring Oreo cookie pieces, extra marshmallow, and chunks of cookie dough mixed together with vanilla soft serve, this secret menu Blizzard also offers a center that’s filled with fudge!

Courtesy of @Morgan Book

The Blizzard is then topped off with extra vanilla soft serve.

So if you’re thinking that you might get a spoonful of fudge every time you dip your red spoon in for a bite, you would be correct.

Courtesy of @Morgan Book

Some DQ fans have even tried the secret sweet treat with cheesecake bits and even coffee chunks!

Now when it comes to ordering at the drive-thru, here’s what you’ll want to say.

Courtesy of @_thehungrysisters

Make sure to mention that you want an Oreo Royal with extra marshmallow and cookie dough!

And as always, don’t forget to say please and thank you!

Courtesy of @daram_gulp

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