April’s Back in a Large Way

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I am giddy.

Remember way back in 2017 (has it really been that long) when the world was glued to the “Giraffe Cam” at Animal Adventure Park in New York? Day and Night people watched April’s every move in her birthing stall, and jumped every time they thought they noticed baby Tajiri (of course, the world didn’t know his name yet) moving, kicking, rolling, or better yet, popping out!!

The internet had gone giraffe crazy! Everyone waited on pins and needles for the arrival of April’s calf. Toys R Us, whose mascot was Geoffrey the Giraffe, even jumped in and sponsored the live feed.

The days and weeks went by, and it seemed like April was going to be pregnant FOREVER. People kept their computers tuned to the giraffe cam as dad, Oliver, could be seen pacing in the next stall, and April moved around in her little enclosure. The keepers could often be seen helping the giraffes in their enclosures. Those loving caretakers and keepers even became celebrities in their own right, taking to Facebook and YouTube to give reports on the impending delivery.

There were some people who thought the whole thing was an elaborate April fool’s hoax, afterall she had been on the cam since February (and it didn’t help that her name was April). Luckily she popped out the 120 pounds of pure perfect cuteness on April 15th, 2017.

Well, wait for it, IT’S HAPPENING AGAIN!!!

Animal Adventure Park recently announced that daddy, Oliver, and mommy, April, successfully conceived early in 2018, and April is due with her 5th calf Spring of 2019.

What, What, What?!? More April and Oliver?

Yes! You can watch their giraffe cam, go to April’s webpage, and experience the joy all over again!!

During the Last pregnancy, there were some people who protested the giraffe cam, saying it violationed the giraffes’ rights on several points. I’m not saying they were wrong, but I am going to be the first to jump on the bandwagon and say #keeptheAprilcam.

How often does the normal public get to experience the birth of one of the tallest mammals on earth? It’s a beautiful thing, and I, for one, am going to watch the cam, making it a teaching lesson for my children. It’s a chance to teach them respect, care, and how/why to be in awe of such a magnificent animal.

We are with you April! You got this, girl!!

By the way, if you want to check in on “little” Tajiri, he has his own giraffe cam here.

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