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Check Out This ‘Mean Girls’ Burn Book Party Game — It’s So Fetch

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Jambo! You can totally get a Mean Girls Burn Book Party Game, and it’s going to be so grool!


There hasn’t been a better movie made than Mean Girls! Just try and prove me wrong — I’ll fight you. LOL!!

Well get in loser, because now you can break out your own Burn Book, like in the movie, and get personally victimized by Regina George — ‘er — the other players of the game.

In this game, you dish the dirty deets on your friends, and just try not to get caught.


Here’s how it works: You each tear out a page of the Burn Book, read out some random questions, then write down outrageous things about each other. Oh, and it’s like totally anonymous, so there’s no way you’ll get in trouble. Well, unless someone guesses what you wrote about them—but that probably won’t happen. Right?


This Burn Book Game has drama written all over it — and I can’t wait to get a group of my friends together to play!


You can get as nice or mean with your answers as you want, but remember, you just might get called out — and in all honesty, you probably WILL get called out.

When it comes to what you write, the limit doesn’t exist. If your friend sometimes smells like a foot or once made out with a hot dog, now’s the time to bring it up.


Boo, you whore! You don’t even go here!

At the end of gameplay, whoever scores the most points is crowned Spring Fling Queen (or King), and they win the game.


This Burn Book Party Game is for 4 or more of your most FETCH friends, and it’s probably a good idea to make sure that they are 14 years old and up.

Run to the Target website NOW, where you can pick up your own Burn Book Party Game for only 20 bucks. Shut UP!!


It’s time to put on your best pink outfit, pretend it is October 3rd, and pull up a chair to the Plastic’s table — this is going to be awesome!


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