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SpongeBob Popsicles Are Now In Stores With a New Design and They Are Cute AF

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Before we all grew up, running for the ice cream truck as a kid was a fond memory we all shared with the neighborhood kids… we think that’s why we love ice cream so much today!

But what we used to run for as kids, we can now get at the grocery store.

The infamous SpongeBob Popsicles are now officially in grocery stores that you can purchase by the pack, it pays to be an adult.

But that’s not the only thing that’s changed about this ice cream treat.

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The design of the popsicle, which is nostalgic to many has officially changed, you know what they say, new year new me, or in this case, new year, new SpongeBob.

With it’s new look, you can count a mile wide smile just like the yellow character from the show who we all know, is always smiling.

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Featuring red pants and a squishy, sponge-like silhouette, there’s one major change to this SpongeBob popsicle.

Rather than gum balls for eyes, the frozen dessert includes big and round, white eyes with small bites of chocolate near the center.

Courtesy of Popsicle

And all we have to say is that the recreated sweet treat is almost too cute to eat!

The new makeover according to the press release, was a “sketch-inspired design” that came from “the many faces” of SpongeBob’s character throughout the years.

Courtesy of Popsicle

The SpongeBob Popsicle 2.0, is currently available in six-count packs and stocked on grocery store shelves nationwide!

Courtesy of Popsicle

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