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Here’s Everything Parents Need To Know About The New Game ‘Among Us’

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Odds are, you’ve seen the ads. Among Us is tops in the App store, and it’s all that the kids are talking about — heck, it’s all my adult friends are talking about.

This is a whodunit-type of game, and if you love solving mysteries, this one is for YOU.

It’s super simple to play, and can keep you busy for HOURS — DAYS, if we are honest.

Courtesy of Among Us

You might be worried about your younger kids playing this game, and I’ll admit, I monitor my kids in their gameplay.

If you want to know everything about the phenomenon that is Among Us, we got you. Read on!!

Courtesy of Among Us

What Is This Among Us game that I have heard so much about?

It is a super basic multiplayer game, where you are a bean-shaped astronaut crew member aboard a spaceship.

Courtesy of Among Us

There are tasks that have to be completed, but the BIG task is trying to find out who amongst the crew is the “imposter,” and has committed a murder aboard the ship.

When the “body” is found, all crew members enter a group chat, and they have to discuss and choose which crew member is the murderer.

Courtesy of Among Us

If you choose the correct imposter, the crew WINS the game! If you don’t choose the correct murderous astronaut, the gameplay continues.

Courtesy of Among Us

Murder?!? Is this a violent game?

The short answer is, no.

See, when the “murder” occurs, you see a quick animated sequence, that is completely bloodless. There is, however, a dead body — er — bean? — with a huge cartoony bone sticking out of the lower half of the body.

(There are some bad words in this clip. Proceed with caution.)


It’s not scary. It’s comical. But, it’s up to you whether you think this is just too much for your kids to be seeing.

Okay, but will my kids be playing with strangers?

This is the part that gets me. Yes, in public games, the players are all strangers.

The game filters out most cursies, but sometimes the subject matter, as you can imagine, can get inappropriate for children.


When the “murder” occurs, all the players enter into a group chat, and there is really no way to avoid what others are saying.

BUT, you can have private games, which require a code to join. That way, it is just you and your friends playing, and there isn’t that stranger danger aspect.

I still monitor my kids during game-play, however, just on principle. *Smiley Emoji

Does Among Us cost money to play?

Just like many other games out there, there is a FREE version.

Now, if you want to buy outfits and such for your little bean astronaut, you can purchase them in the app. 

There is also the option to pay a one-time fee to get the add-free version of the game. It’s like $1.99, so of course, I say GO FOR IT. Ads are so annoying.

If you want to play first, to see what all the hype is about —

Just download the app from the App Store. You have to accept the add feature (or pay to have them removed), and then go to the main gameplay screen.

Courtesy of Among Us

Click on “How To Play,” and it will tell you all about the game. It even tells you how a host can kick people out of a game for being inappropriate. 

It can be a bit overwhelming at first, but hang in there. I promise, it’s easy and FUN once you get it.

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