This Mom Created A Unique Workspace For Her Kids To Do Online Learning and I Love It

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As schools begin to reopen and many families are switching gears from summer vacation to back to school, the virus has many parents struggling on whether or not to enroll their kids in the classroom.

Whether you decide to send your kid to school or have them learn virtually, a mother has shared her creation on Facebook that might just ease your mind.


Your kids deserve their own workspace and one that keeps them less distracted so they can focus on school; so how does a $1 trifold sound?

Empty classroom of school

Ms. Harper used a white trifold to make her kids a workspace that has everything they need right at their seat!

Each side of the trifold is utilized. She decided to hang a pencil holder, a calendar and a “My Schedule” folder to keep classes organized.

Courtesy of Angelia Harper

There are words of encouragement pasted onto the trifold and her kids name at the top of the board for decoration.

If you look closely, Ms. Harper even attached an adjustable light fixture for a brighter ambience and of course, your child’s laptop goes right in the middle.

Courtesy of Angelia Harper

What a creative and inexpensive way to make a workplace for your kids to get them settled for school at home!

Ms. Harper even added a spot to hang their headphones when they are finished listening to their online courses!

Courtesy of Angelia Harper

The best part about this trifold workspace, is that you can decorate your kids board however you please, even they can add their own sparkle to it; kudos to you Angelia for thinking outside the box!

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