Tiramisu Oreos Are Coming Filled With Two Different Cremes

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Come on April! This might be my favorite Oreo flavor EVER, and it is dropping in spring of 2020.

It is Tiramisu flavored. Yes, like the cake made of cream, espresso, and espresso-soaked cookies!

What genius thought this up? They deserve a hug.

I can’t confirm at this time, but I would THINK the flavored creme inside the cookie would be cream and espresso flavored. OMG. I just drooled a little.


These will be available on the aisle wherever you find your tasty oreo treats. They are limited edition, so you know what to do — STOCK UP!


By Easter, we will be over the New Year’s Resolution craze — HA! — so get your stretchy pants on, and enjoy!

I can only IMAGINE how good these are going to be. Nabisco has come out with some mighty-good Oreo flavors lately, and they aren’t going to disappoint with this one.


Come on, Easter Bunny! I need these in my Easter basket this year!


Let us know as soon as you see these hit shelves! I’ll have my purse and my car ready to go grab the first package someone sees.

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