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You Can Now Get A Studded Black Stand Mixer That’ll Match Your Studded Black Tumbler from Starbucks

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Looking to add a gorgeous piece to your kitchen small appliances?


KitchenAid’s brand-new Stand Mixer called Light & Shadow is where it’s at!


If you’re a fan of the black studded tumblers from Starbucks, then this is the stand mixer for you.


This is a mixer that you’ll want to leave out on the counter because it is gorgeous!


The colors in this beautiful piece of kitchen machinery are ivory and black.

This mixer is absolutely gorgeous. Everything is great about it. We’ve had our old kitchen aid in the family forever, but couldn’t resist this! Love it!

Customer review

The mixing bowl is covered in studs, and the name Light & Shadows suits this mixer perfectly.

I mean, it’s like a piece of art for your kitchen counter right?


Unlike a vase of flowers on the kitchen counter, this baby will last for years and years!

Inspiration isn’t bound by time, but rather cultivated by a series of moments. Light & Shadow is a reflection of how creativity can arise in the kitchen without warning and manifest itself in the form of a brunch spread for friends, an afternoon snack, or a nighttime dinner party — the possibilities are endless.


You can order your own KitchenAid Light & Shadows Stand Mixer online from KitchenAid right now!


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