Dole Just Released Sheet Pan Meal Kits To Make Dinner Easy and Quick

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Head starts aren’t just for kids, which is why Dole has decided to give mom and dad a break when it’s time to cook dinner after an exhuasting 9-5 work day. 

For those who find themselves tired at the end of the day to come home and cook dinner will appreciate Dole’s new food bags that bag something else other than lettuce.

Introducing Sheet Pan Meal Kits just like how grandma used to make and of course, for the hurried home chefs too!

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Featuring a variety of different meal kits including fresh vegetables with different seasonings and roasted potatoes with your choice of added protein!

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Including the Homestyle Roasted Herb and Lemon Parmesan Sheet Pan Meal Starter Kit, plus the French Onion, each kit tastes like your favorite restaurant brought to you at your own dinning room table!

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With each meal kit that only requires 30-35 minutes of your time to wait for the oven bell to ring, the best part about these meal kits is that the chopping, washing, and preparing is already done for you!

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Thanks to Dole, it’s never been easier to make a “homemade” healthy meal at home; don’t worry your homemade secret is safe with us.

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You can currently find the pre-made sheet pan meal starter kits in the refrigerated produce aisle at your local grocery store and Instacart if you prefer to stay on your couch.

Courtesy of Instacart

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