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This Target Snack Is Going Viral For All The Right Reasons And It’s Less Than $4

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This is crazy good!

I’m all about the snacks. Salty, savory, sweet, healthy, horrible for you — I don’t discriminate. I love them all.

And now, you can get an insanely delicious snack from Target that costs less than that Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks that you splurge on every year.

These are called Glazed Doughnut Almonds, and they taste just like what they sound

It’s like a bunch of almonds made their way onto the Krispy Kreme conveyor belt, and took a bath in that tasty glaze waterfall.

The Glazed Doughnut Almonds actually have a crispy glaze covering on them. It’s crunchy and so good!!

Where To Find Glazed Doughnut Almonds

Now, it’s possible that you might miss these when you go onto the trail mix and nut aisle at Target, so listen up.

They aren’t with the large bags of nuts. You can find them over on a shelf with the less expensive items — these Glazed Doughnut Almond bags are not quite as big as the $7 bags of nuts. They come in a 6 ounce bag.

This bag of Glazed Doughnut Almonds is less than $4, and you’re going to want to stock up. They sell out super fast, and can be a bit tricky to find.

You CAN get them shipped, so that may be an option if your store is out.

I love that they are a great source of protein (4 grams in 1 serving), and they don’t have a crap ton of carbs (11 grams in 1 serving).

These Glazed Doughnut Almonds aren’t sugar free, obvi, so if you are avoiding sugar, these aren’t the snack for you. *Sad Face Emoji*

But, if you are clear to chow down on some sweet sugary goodness, these are definitely the snack for you.

You have to taste them, and let us know what you think. My husband sat and ate the whole bag in one sitting. LOL!!

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