Some Restaurants Have Turned Their Parking Lots Into Drive-In Movie Theaters and I Love It

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There are some restaurants that are taking full advantage of this social distancing situation, and turning their parking lots into drive-in theaters!

How awesome is that?!?


We can’t just get up and go eat in a restaurant right now, so there are restaurants that are remedying the situation by, kind of, bringing the restaurant out to us!


Restaurants in Arizona, Texas, and Nebraska are trying out the idea of turning their parking lots into drive-in / dine-in theaters.


You social distance by staying in your cars, you get to be entertained by a movie, and some of the restaurants even have “car hops” that bring the food to your vehicle, all full-service like.

I could DEFINITELY go for that fun right about now!


Restaurants have had to get creative during this time of distancing.

I have seen some establishments build a to-go window in one of the sides of the restaurant, so all people have to do is walk up and order their food.


There are some restaurants, like Panera, that are now selling grocery items — like milk, bread, and fresh produce — to entice customers to keep coming back during this weird time, when we are told to stay away.

Courtesy of Panera Bread

While I could definitely chow down on some Panera Asiago Bread, I LOVE the idea of the restaurants that are turning their parking lots into makeshift drive-ins!


I’m going to cross my fingers, and HOPE that they bring this idea to a restaurant near me soon!


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