This Study Found That The Worst People Imaginable Are Dining Out and We Have To Do Better

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Can’t we all just make good choices, and be nice to each other?

I would think, and HOPE, that during this whole worldwide pandemic thing, where people are getting sick at alarming rates, society would be kind and compassionate to one another.

I’m saddened to report that just the opposite seems to be happening.

Y’all. Be better human beings.

A new study found that restaurant-goers are (effing) terrible and service industry workers, who even in non-pandemic times are paid well below minimum wage, are now facing even more challenges as people continue to opt for maskless brunch outings and be total dirtbags to those putting their lives on the line to serve them.

Detroit Metro Times

Servers at many restaurants are reporting that people have become very demanding and hard to deal with, and the tips have gone from okay to atrocious.

This is sad news, considering most of these servers make LESS THAN minimum wage to begin with, they rely on tips, and, you know, they are human beings, too.

I think, so many people that rely on the service industry as part of their everyday lives, sometimes forget that those employees, who are there to help them, are actually people, too. They have their own struggles, their own families, their own personalities. They aren’t just placed in your path to wait on your every demand and need.

Yes, it may be their job to help and serve the public, but they aren’t there to take harrasment and downright s****y behavior on the part of the patron.

Y’all, there are even completely asinine individuals who are demanding that servers take off their masks to “gauge how much they should be tipped — which, if they comply, puts them at an increased risk of contracting the virus.”

This appalling, and downright disgusting behavior is now being dubbed “Maskual harassment,” and it is a very real thing.

60% of workers who rely on tips say they’re hesitant when it comes to enforcing pandemic protocols, like asking customers to remain masked when moving throughout the restaurant or maintain social distancing while dining, because they fear it could risk how much they are tipped or whether they’ll be harassed as a result.

Detroit Metro Times

It’s not just the horrible tips and awful harassment that these servers are having to face. They are at a higher risk for contracting the virus, because they are stuck inside a building all day long, with many people who may or may not have the virus (and may or may not comply with mask protocol).

I mean, a CDC study reported that adults who tested positive for the virus were almost twice as likely to have gone out to eat in the previous two weeks, before they came down with symptoms.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I would be in a constant state of anxiety if I had to live like this.

So, the bottom line — MAKE GOOD CHOICES. Show some humanity and graciousness. If you are choosing to go to these places where people have to wait on you, be compassionate, be kind, be the joy that these people need to see.

Let’s be better human beings!!

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