Friends Is Finally Getting A Reunion Show And I Am So Excited

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It. Is. Finally. Happening!! A source is confirming that a Friends reunion show is coming to HBO Max.

We have been waiting, and hoping, and wishing — AND WAITING — for news of a Friends reunion! Well it appears it is finally happening — Hallelujah.

The six main stars — can you name them all? — and the creators are in talks to bring the reunion to HBO’s streaming service, HBO Max.


The deal is by no means done, but this is a lot closer to a reunion than we have been in the past!


We can currently catch all the episodes of our favorite FRIENDS on Netflix, but they are moving the series over to the new HBO streaming service, HBO Max, after the beginning of the year.

Via HBO Max

As far as a reunion is concerned, they just have to hammer out the cast, some signatures, a script, and get everyone’s availability to magically align to work on the Friends Reunion at the same time.

I know, that’s quite a lot — believe me, I know — but we are going to cross our fingers and toes that this all goes off without a hitch!

Right now, we are going to focus on the positive — THEY ARE COMING BACK!!

While you are waiting for more reunion news, Google Friends Phoebe and see what happens!


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