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People Are Using Autocomplete to Apologize and The Results Are Absolutely Hilarious

Apparently our devices know exactly what we want to say, even if our phones, tablets, and computers say it first.

Considering our technology hears what we say on a day to day basis, it only makes sense that the very phone we carry around for long hours of the day speaks for us.

Letting the fate of autocomplete finish half written sentences has taken over social media by storm ever since Twitter user @NihachuEatsCats tweeted,

“type “I’m sorry for being” and let your keyboard finish it for you

Courtesy of @NihachuEatsCats

Letting our phones write the rest of our sentences sounds a bit crazy, and maybe a little unsettling; however, the viral tweet has since grabbed hundreds of thousands of social media users attention and the results are absolutely hilarious!

If you don’t believe, see for yourself, if you want a good belly laugh that is.

A recent screenshot of the original tweet has even made it to Facebook’s platform while some people have so far commented,

“I’m sorry for being so late but I’m not really sure what to do with my life”

Kerri Chappelle
Courtesy of Kerri Chappelle

“It’s sorry for being a little bit better than You!”

Rose Nieradka Smith

Whoever said letting a robot speak for us was a good thing anyway!

“I’m sorry for being a pain in the back and I was hoping to see you tomorrow”

Krista Fahey
Courtesy of Krista Fahey

“I’m sorry for being such a pain in the situation but it was a very stressful situation”

Haily Kelley
Courtesy of Haily Kelley

“I’m sorry for being a bit upset and I just said I want to do something else for my family”

Chloe Rowlands
Courtesy of Chloe Rowlands

“I’m sorry for being too much for you but you are doing something right.”

Elaine Craig Rathbun

“Im sorry for being a bit of a butt and heading out around the same time as she was”

Ashleigh Morse
Courtesy of Ashleigh Morse

“I’m sorry for being so late to call you back in the bathroom”

Sofia Rengifo Montori

i’m sorry for being so tired

hahahahaha, i’m never sorry about that

Courtesy of @OceanKid_PA

I’m sorry for being there for a speedy day at the time of the lung infection….

Alana Carlson
Courtesy of Alana Carlson

Considering some of these comments made absolutely zero sense while other people’s sentences were a complete mood, the verdict is that autocomplete may know us better than what we thought, or maybe not…

While it looks like autocomplete was trying to tell us something here, maybe we should all stick to finishing our sentences on our own, even if they were really funny to read!


Sunday 19th of September 2021

I'm sorry for being