Here’s Where to Find the Oversized Skeleton Pillow Everyone Is Freaking Out About

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The famous ghost pillows that went viral last year have finally been replaced by another spooky pillow.

And dare I say it but this oversized pillow, may even be better than the flying ghosts.

A giant skeleton pillow that has no business being this tall has currently taken over the internet in viral videos on TikTok.

Halloween celebrators are testing out their luck by hunting down the oversized pillow to snag for spooky season.

Courtesy of @mrs_iiii

And even though it is still the middle of summer, retail stores have clearly moved on from the heat of the season and have stuffed the inside of their stores with fall and Halloween decor.

We aren’t complaining.

Courtesy of @mrs_iiii

Plus, who doesn’t want an enormous and decorative skeleton pillow to show off during the Halloween season?

Courtesy of @brenda_lee_14

Thanks to a few TikTokers who videoed their search while trying to find the pillow in stores, this bone-chilling Halloween pillow is colored white and black, and looks extra fluffy.

Featuring a subtle smile and decorated with the bones of the human body, this giant skeleton also has dangly arms and legs that can be moved in any position.

Courtesy of @txmathews93

So after you toss this pillow on the couch or on the bed, you can position the skeleton sitting cross-legged on the couch or with its arms behind it’s head!

You can even freak out the rest of your family by continuously moving this skeleton in different positions, so mom, dad, and the rest of your siblings will think this pillow is haunted!

Courtesy of @txmathews93

You can currently find the oversized skeleton pillow at T.J. Maxx stores!

Happy Halloween hunting!

Courtesy of @brenda_lee_14

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