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Disney World Is Giving Away Free Trips To Celebrate Their 50th Anniversary. Here’s How Nominate Someone.

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Here is something you just about NEVER see — the words Disney World and FREE in the same sentence.

Fifty people are going to win a FREE trip to Disney World AND a year’s subscription to Disney+, and they are enlisting YOU to help them choose who those people are going to be!

Right now, Disney is celebrating its 50th anniversary with “The World’s Most Magical Celebration.” You KNOW they are going to be spreading a little pixie dust all around to commemorate this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Anytime you are lucky enough to go on a Disney World vacation, you are ALWAYS dropped right into the middle of the most magical place you will ever visit.

You are totally immersed in this interactive world of wonder and excitement that only Disney could create — and I love every minute of it!

But, with it being such a special year for Disney, they are about to go above and beyond their usual magic!


Do you know someone who is a Magic Maker? That is — maybe this person is always paying it forward, maybe they are always giving of their time and energy, maybe they do little — or grande — gestures that help out people in need.

Maybe this person just inspires you to do better things.


Who is that “someone” in your life who is the most deserving of a Disney vacation, but you know they will never be able to take one?

I’m betting someone special just popped to mind when you thought about the most inspirational person you know.

Here Is How To Nominate Someone To Be A Disney Magic Maker, And Win A Free Trip To Disney World.

Right now through October 1st, you are welcome and encouraged to nominate your favorite Magic Maker to win this awesome prize package!

The nominee can be someone who impacts their entire community, or it can be someone who brings you joy and happiness.

Magic moments come in all shapes and sizes, from simple, sincere acts between neighbors to massive acts of charity, kindness and generosity. What binds these special moments together is the way they raise spirits, inspire communities, and connect people to one another. 


To nominate an individual, you just go to DisneyMagicMakers, and share what inspired you to submit that person as a Magic Maker.

Once you officially nominate someone, you can then take to social media (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc) to tell the world about your nominee, and why they are so special.

Just tag the PUBLIC post with #DisneyMagicMakers, and let the world know why this person has impacted your life in such a positive way.

Fifty nominees whose inspirational acts of kindness, compassion, and creativity best exemplify the values of a Disney Magic Maker will win a trip to Walt Disney World Resort to join “The World’s Most Magical Celebration” during the 50th anniversary and a one-year subscription to Disney+.


But, Disney being Disney, the magic pixie dust doesn’t stop there.

In recognition of all the Magic Makers out there, Disney is going to donate $400,000 to 4 different charities who worked tirelessly throughout COVID to make sure great moments still happened.

The fantastic organizations are Make-A-Wish®, Starlight Children’s Foundation, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and The Nature Conservancy. 

These organizations each found unique and innovative ways to continue serving their communities when they needed magic most.


Hurray Disney, Good Job to these fantastic organizations, and good luck to all those Magic Makers out there!

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