Jessica Simpson Shares A New Picture of Herself and People Are Concerned For Her Well-Being

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It has been a hot minute since I’ve heard anything about Jessica Simpson.


But today, I just happened to be browsing Instagram when a picture popped up.

I had no idea who it was until I read the name of the account…


It is Jessica Simpson and you guys, it looks nothing like her!


We’ve seen Jessica transition from married life to single life to mom life and with that, her body has changed (totally normal).


But her most recent look has people completely concerned for her safety and well-being…


Jessica posted on Instagram with the photo below and caption:

Tried something new with my fav bandana and my son’s Boston hat… trend worthy? Maybe 😜


Obviously nobody was actually looking at the hat or bandana. Instead, they were more concerned with how skinny and frail she looks.

People are genuinely concerned for her. After all, all her previous photos before this seem normal.


I’ve always thought Jessica was beautiful inside and out so I really hope she is okay!!

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