LuLaRoe Is Firing 167 Employees From Their Corona Warehouse Just 5 Days Before Christmas

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With a heavy heart I have to tell you that LuLaRoe (the company known for their once buttery soft leggings) Is Firing 167 Employees In Their Corona Warehouse Just 5 Days Before Christmas and I Am Not Okay…

“Delivering Hopes and Dreams” banner inside the warehouse. Credit: Brittanie Pyper

My heart genuinely aches for these people. For these families that are about to lose their only or main source of income right before what is supposed to be the most joy filled day of the year.

LuLaRoe has stayed in the news and media for the last few years since they have had several lawsuits filed against them for not paying their debts to their suppliers. They’ve also had lawsuits filed against them by former retailers for failing to pay them back for returned merchandise.

In fact, even the State of Washington has filed a lawsuit against LuLaRoe calling them a “pyramid scheme”.

So, to say this isn’t a surprise is an understatement.

However, it does not change the fact that these poor families are being put into a financial bind before the end of the year.

The announcement for the closing of the LuLaRoe Warehouse in Corona, California came after the company filed a letter to the Employment Development Department of California (EDD).

The company did so because California state law states that employers must inform the EDD and affected employees 60 days before conducting a “plant closing or mass layoff.”

In the letter, the firings were listed as “permanent layoffs”.

Oh, and get this – as of this morning, the company is STILL pushing sign-ups for new consultants when they are clearly struggling. In fact, they are now offering a $499 package for new retailers. Um, what?!

You guys… if you know nothing about LuLaRoe, consider yourself lucky.

This company is TOXIC and everyone needs to know. Please stay, FAR, FAR away from them and their clothes.

You see, the thing is, I was once in this position only I was on the other side of things – I was once an ‘Independent Fashion Retailer’ for LuLaRoe which meant I sold their clothes to customers at retail and made money.

My husband and I even toured the Corona Warehouse back in 2017 when the company would invite retailers to tour the warehouse and meet employees…

My husband and I at the Corona Warehouse in 2017.
Our warehouse tour in 2017.

I left about a year ago because I could no longer be part of this destructive and cult-like company.

Now, while my bitterness over the past year has dissipated, all of those old feelings have resurfaced after hearing about LuLaRoe firing all of their warehouse employees right before Christmas.

I am angry for those families.

I am angry this company is still allowed to ruin people’s lives.

If you do find yourself curious and wanting to know what is going on, you can educate yourself from credible sources like the hundreds, if not, thousands of ex-retailers like myself willing to talk about this terrible company.[0]=68.ARABVIPF50jIztIRQtNJYagrGsx42w7qQJvDhElTNcSNZsuIP49hDEuenQO6csK75hqYzo4OHhskRQQRJfCAZPmwyynRZICSdLCDS8fdZwMczHUBNCpicOw38QHsL86y0sK9mJZ1DQljg8AsyqdPOuugXgEncb4OXTPtyfJlnVwXdJhsfblv907ETjIM1ufd5M1if5GvO88Oub_Fe_PgVic7A_qA_DV6TC0Bdw8br2XbFnGtduSRlPKI447sIm1SyMvSeIhZExl_hQ2xc-kTslVZojwBSeaZoFuw3C7_kCW3pHvsfBN1WsSbYbFGsHGbaLdIq-fwy1o8bumlIa9hIMr_nA&__xts__[1]=68.ARCfzRwNJQGo1q2fU-6wp0RE_NC8ZtT-F1DaKJx9N7vQxcKWGvFDMpKehx-9OecfCAC-fe-ODzJqu5hQ2x9mDzb2Np_DhoPhpXnJrY8yNdU1UNpZiARRmBtuG5jO_8UVzEVb0XyNwVK4FsaTwowt5WuDX2z2Cq2rb1PpHkqyIMU4D7U9a4P_azrVp4qPBdstJp4T68F_rpipyQ6mAGdqWTLtLgEl_aU3HbAmM_dQtCtWhE23Kwdht1KI_o_3aOc-2yWmZdMB7wvIxuEGpv8zMoCNRRsatu_hLlPuDB1gHQylP8RWC61yW7l4ni3n41prbPgZDP8jXYsMr3utWbcfQbDVgA&__tn__=-R

And I urge you to watch this video but before you do, know that it isn’t exaggerated with what she is saying and this is one of the many reasons I am so grateful I am no longer part of LuLaRoe.

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