Starbucks Holiday Cups Have A Release Date

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This is the day we’ve all been waiting for since the time the Halloween cups were released… Starbucks Holiday Cups Have An Official Release Date!

Starbucks holiday cups are an iconic part of the holiday season

A few weeks ago Starbucks released a press release mentioning their new holiday cups for 2019 and at that time, we knew they were coming we just didn’t know when.

We're so excited for these neon pink and silver bling holiday cups from Starbucks

But, all of that is about to change because according to rumors in the super secret Starbucks Facebook group, the release date for the holiday cups is Thursday, November 7, 2019.

Holiday time at starbucks mean cute new reusable Starbucks cups
Credit: Leaf Rakers Group
This rose glitter gold holiday starbucks cup is glitzy and glam

Oh, and this is also the same day all of the delicious Starbucks holiday drinks arrive too!

And in case you’re wondering if that is when the Starbucks Red Holiday Cups release too, YES IT IS!

While Starbucks hasn’t officially made this release date public yet, barista’s everywhere are saying November 7th is the date. If this ends up changing, no hard feelings with me, okay?

For now, let’s just book that our calendars as the official day the holidays at Starbucks kick off!

The new Holiday cups from Starbucks are on their way and ready for Christmas

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