This Marker Life Hack Makes Leaving Messages For Your Family Super Easy

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There is a super smart life hack for remembering important things that need to be done, and I’ve started putting it into daily practice at our house.

I live by my planner. I have to make a To-Do List every single day, or things will be missed, and the world just might end.

My husband, however, flies by the seat of his pants — and it totally drives me insane.

He definitely forgets to do things. I have to be that nagging wife who stands behind him, telling him what to do and how to fill his downtime. If I don’t, things simply won’t get done.

Now, I’m not talking about pointless stuff. I’m talking about taking mail to the post office, picking up prescriptions at the pharmacy, delivering food to his grandparents — all important things that have to be done.

I’ve tried making him To-Do Lists on paper. That was a no-go from minute one.

I went through a phase where I would text him reminders of what had to be done. I guess he missed them.

We got a joint family app, where we could make To-Do Lists that could be shared and edited by everyone.

I don’t think he ever opened the app.

That’s when this little hack came into play, and it’s genius!

All you have to do is grab a dry erase marker.

It doesn’t matter what color, although the darker ones tend to show up better.

I use the bathroom mirror. If you have a full-length mirror in your room, you could use that.

A closet mirror would be super convenient to use.

You can even use the front of your refrigerator (but test a small corner first, to make sure the color comes off).

Now, when you have an important note that needs to be done, you can list it on the mirror with the dry erase marker.

I also use this trick to write little “I Love You” love notes to my family. That way they don’t feel like it’s ALL taskmaster related.

The dry erase marker will come right off with a bit of tissue or paper towel.

If you get marker buildup, a little bit of rubbing alcohol works wonders to clean it up.

You’re welcome. You will LOVE how nicely everything gets done in your house!

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