This Garden Hack Will Make It Easier To Remember Which Seeds You Planted Where

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Two items that are most likely tossing and turning in your junk drawer will turn your garden from sub-par to elite, and without a green thumb.

Remembering where you plant your flowers every summer, spring, and fall can be tricky, which is why this garden hack or flower trick if you will, will make you work smarter and not harder.

If you happen to love golf or if anyone in the family tees off, you’ll need several golf tees and a few accent pebbles from your last DIY or arts and crafts project.

A Facebook photo that has gone viral with over 4 thousand shares, Off Grid Living & Eco Homesteading Facebook home improvement group shared their secret to a better garden.

Once you’ve gathered all of your items, gorilla glue will seal the deal, literally.

Take your mini marbles and glue them on top of the golf tees and wallah, you now have a teeny tiny decoration to place in the ground to remind yourself where you previously planted your bulbs for the fall or tulips in the summer.

Again, accent marbles (preferably color coded to distinguish between different flowers), gorilla glue, and golf tees are all you need to perfect your garden this year!

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