Disney Has Banned Ice, Smoking, and Big Strollers From All It’s Parks

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In what can only be my favorite thing that Disney has ever done, they have completely banned smoking from all their parks. But Disney also went ahead and banned big strollers and ice, too.


If you’ve ever walked past the smoking area in one of the Disney parks you are beyond happy about this. It just doesn’t make sense for people to be smoking next to Cinderella’s castle, and I’m super happy about this.

Vapes, too. Which makes this mama happy. Just because your nicotine smells like cotton candy doesn’t mean I want to inhale it.


What is blowing my mind is the banning of all ice. They did say that ice packs are still allowed, and that you can get a cup of ice for free at any restaurant you need one at, but ice? Disney, why are you banning ice?


We’re people heckling the parade participants by throwing ice at them? Was the crunching ruining the ambiance on the small world ride?

Tell me, Disney— what do you have against frozen water?

Is this an Elsa thing?

And strollers are gone at Disney now, too. They said two kid jogging strollers will still be allowed, but they’re talking about those deluxe rider models that hold 14 kids and might as well be a smart car.


I have zero problem with this.

If you really need a stroller within size, they do have them for rent at the park entrances, but it will be nice to not have to worry about getting off the walkway because somebody has a stroller that takes up both sides of the street. (How do you even drive that thing anyway?)


So, keep your ice at home. And your giant strollers, and your vape. In other words, just like… go to Disney and don’t bring a bunch of crap.

Actually, your life will be easier if you do it that way anyway. You can read more about Disney’s new park rules here.

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  1. I see there’s still loads of people believing the non-factual fear mongering regarding vapor products.

    I hope you like seeing my big bottle of spit from all the chew I’ll be packing. A little red man, some levi garret, don’t forget my English snuff that I’ll be snorting, all because some flavored water vapor hurts your feelings.

    I agree about the strollers though, where do people even buy those school bus sized strollers?

  2. If you take your water bottles and freeze a few like 4 to 6 and put the rest in the refrigerator overnight, you can put them in one of those cold Insulated bags. They will keep your cold ones cold all day and at the end of the day your frozen ones are ready to drink as well. There would be 7 of us and I’d take at least 12 to 14 in to save us money and it was perfect! Also take those little package of cool aid or Gatorade to put in them.. I’ve done this every time!

    1. They also would keep other things cool as well like chocolate snacks and fruits!…..

  3. The ice ban may seem silly, and arbitrary, but it’s actually a big issue!
    On hot days, people had started bringing in large coolers filled with ice to keep their drinks and food cool. That’s all well and good, until people finish their food and drink, and then, let’s be honest, no-one wants to carry around a large cooler full of rapidly defrosting ice, so they dump it on the floor.
    This is a big health and safety issue for other guests, and particularly to costumed characters, who often have very limited vision, and can’t always easily see these piles of ice on the floor. Slip and fall injuries are always a big deal, but especially when you’re wearing a large, bulky costume, and can’t easily see to break your fall.
    People have even been bringing in dry ice, which can cause actual damage to to drains, and plants, and even the concrete floors themselves depending on where it’s dumped. Rapid freeze-thaw cycles are a major cause of erosion and degradation. Banning it is actually a fairly sensible policy, when you think about it.

    1. @Luke, I agree with the extra large strollers and cigarette’s ,I thank vapes are fine and they could make a area for smokers and for the ice instead of them dumping just anywhere they could make a spot near the bathrooms with a drain for ice dumping and that would make it safe for Mickey and friends….

  4. I do understand what Disney is doin but i also feel they will lose alot of ppl with these new rules.

    1. That’s fine. More room for the people that don’t need those things.

  5. I wish they’d ban perfume while they’re banning things! Some of the perfumes choke me when standing in line behind it. I’d much rather smell the cotton candy vapes! But instead of being a whiner, I just move away from it.
    And one more thing, how can they be worried about kids seeing people smoke, yet it’s ok for them to see homosexuality in Disney movies?????? Nope, Disney ain’t what it used to be!
    As for me and my house, we’ll just go to Dollywood!

    1. One cause lung cancer and being homosexual doesn’t cause health issues……”……..

    2. Are you for real… ??
      You just compared kids seeing smoking, which is bad for your health, to kids seeing gay, which is just as natural as seeing hetro. Am I missing the point to your lame homophobic reply?

  6. I’m good with all the bans but ICE! On a hot day I can use a lot of it! Don’t want to stand in long lines for it.

  7. I’m a non smoker and I don’t have an issue with designated smoking areas, but then again, I always put my big girl panties on before I leave the house. Also, were and we’re have two different meanings. “We’re people”

    1. I like this comment. I am a non smoker as well.
      Designated areas should be allowed . Vaping should be as well.

      1. M Sister is right now fighting for her life against a disease caused AML, an often deadly form of Leukemia. It’s often caused by exposure to Benzene, a by product of cigarettes smoke and vaping , first and second hand. You’re entitled to your opinion, of course, but I would just encourage you , along with your “panties”, to put on a face mask around all those public smoking areas on private properties to which you believe people should have access.