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This Mom Said Her Sons Need To Be Protected From Women Wearing Leggings

Leggings are pants, and women should be allowed to wear whatever they want. I’ve been fighting that battle for a while, but this mom disagrees.

Maryann White wrote a letter to the editor at Notre Dame’s school paper asking the women on campus to “choose jeans” instead of leggings the next time they go shopping.

Why? Well, “because of unsavory guys who are looking at you creepily and nice guys who are doing everything to avoid looking at you. For the Catholic mothers who want to find a blanket to lovingly cover your nakedness and protect you — and to find scarves to tie over the eyes of their sons to protect them from you!”

I… what? Is this lady serious?

Look, I am all for enforcing a dress code at school, and I think kids should have to follow whatever the rules are, but if that school doesn’t have a rule against leggings, then this woman has ZERO right to tell these girls what to wear.


And honestly it’s perverse and a little offensive that she thinks these men aren’t above just losing their crap over women in tight pants. Like, can we give them more credit than this?


The people who think like this are such a big part of the problem, and the worst part is that they don’t see it at all. They think writing letters that compare slave-girl Princess Leia to women in leggings is okay.

When she says that the problem with Leia being Jabba’s slave was the outfit, and not the fact that she was on a leash and forced to due his bidding she is missing the point.


Who cares what she wears? It’s her body and she can do as she pleases. In fact, I would argue that saying her costume portrayed her as a slave and not the actual action of being a slave is so much worse than wearing a pair of leggings.


Teaching our sons this antiquated way of thinking, showing them that they can’t think for themselves isn’t going to work anymore.

Now is the time to show your sons how to CONTROL these urges you feel are pulsing through their bodies at all time. Teach them how to respect women no matter what they wear, or what they look like.

Even if they are wearing a Jabba-slave costume.

Annoyed Mother

Tuesday 2nd of April 2019

Dear “Mother who is 100% off base”, aka Mrs. White:

Decent men do not have issues with behaving well when women wear leggings. If your four boys are so fragile that they cannot be trusted around women in leggings, then they are not decent. They are the problem, and quite frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case because you seem to put the blame for a man’s “weaknesses” on a woman’s choice in clothing when a man is fully capable of policing himself and should not need his mommy to blindfold his eyes from the world. My suggestion to you would be to teach your sons how to behave as men in the world in which they live and for you to stop being so worried about other women’s backsides.

It is more than okay for you to prefer jeans. One would be foolish to think that if she wears leggings that no one would look at her back side. What isn’t foolish and what we should be teaching our youth is that even if someone finds another person to be attractive that that does not mean that one must act inappropriately. Seeing a woman in leggings does not give a man a free pass to cat call a woman or worse.

Reinforcing such a ridiculous mindset that men are incapable of controlling themselves does nothing to help women who find themselves in bad situations. When I was in the workplace, a man exposed himself to me in front of other men. I was wearing baggy work pants and a loose fitting T-shirt which was the appropriate work attire for my job. I was left wondering if I had done something wrong... I went down the check list of all the typical victim blaming questions. I felt shame because that is what society had taught me to do. I refuse to let society teach my daughter the same. My baggy pants did not make this man misbehave. He misbehaved because he chose to. The end. If a man misbehaves toward a woman in leggings, it is because the man made the choice. The end.

Raise decent humans, and society won’t have to face these issues so often. Don’t teach your boys that they are weak. Teach them how to behave when they are attracted to a woman. Have faith in your boys to do the right and decent thing, and teach them to stand up against the creeps in this world so that they might help make this a safer place for women.


A mother of a daughter who will wear whatever she pleases, including leggings if the dress code allows.... and yes... if your sons don’t know how to act around her if she wears leggings, it is because your sons are not decent. Period.


Sunday 31st of March 2019

dear ms. wbite, I'm a mom of daughters and i want to ask young men to stop distracting my daughters from being able to love their lives with cat calls, physical and verbal a use, discrimination at work and pay discrimination, well, i could go on and on....i only ask that young men pls not harm my daughters or otherwise harrass them when they are out for a run, on mass transit on their way to work , and i could go on and on. what a nerve to make women's legging such and issue whe. women put up with so mucb aorse from men on a minute by minute basis - day in and day out! why arent more mothers around the world writing letters to yiung men for their behavior? leggings?!?! give me a break!