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6 Reasons Why Leggings ARE Pants

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You see it every day. Snarky memes about how leggings aren’t pants. I’m here to tell you those memes are a LIE! Here are 6 Reasons Why Leggings ARE Pants.

Leggings really are pants. Really! They are! Here are 6 Reasons WHY...click now!

Seriously, they say it all the time. Every day.

leggings meme

Leggings are evil.

Gandalf Leggings

How anyone who’s ever eaten a cheeseburger shouldn’t wear leggings.  

Fat Leggings

Even Conan O’Brien has jumped in on the joke.


As entertaining as those are to anyone with a sense of humor, I’m here to end the debate. Not only are leggings pants, they’re da bomb diggity of them all.  

Here Are 6 Reasons Why Leggings ARE Pants

1) .  Ryan Gosling says so.

ryan gosling

And let’s be real. This will be the only opportunity any of us have to sit on his face.

ryan gosling leggings

2).  Merriam don’t lie! According to Merriam Webster’s online dictionary a pant is an outer garment covering each leg separately and usually extending from the waist to the ankle–usually used in plural. So basically, as long as your vag isn’t hanging out, you’ve got yourself some pants!


3).  Camel toe isn’t an indication you should stop wearing leggings. It means you should start wearing underpants.  

leering camel

4).  If people of Wal-Mart appear anywhere near your litmus test for fashion, your sense is fatally flawed.  

Really? You’re going to compare this

people of walmart

to this?


Or this


to this?


More than that, these examples are proof you don’t have to be a size 2 to look smokin’ hot in a pair of leggings.

5).  Got a muffin top?  

muffin top

Can’t tell in leggings.

no muffin top in leggings

6).  Let’s be honest. If your booty were this tight, you’d be rocking the pants too. All. Day. Long. I know I would.

leggings are pants

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  1. Leggings are not pants. Pretty simple. Now, this isn’t to say you shouldn’t wear em if you want, but if you’re hanging it all out there don’t get snippy if your ass is getting checked out or commented on…and that’s not even taking cameltoe into account. If you’re showin’ it all, it’s gonna get looked at.

  2. I wear leggings a LOT. I wore them in the 1990s, wore running tights casually when they were out of fashion, and still wear them now – before *and* after transition. If people don’t like leggings, they need to STOP LOOKING.

    The only time leggings are an issue is when they’re see through. There *are* laws against indecent exposure, though that’s another sign of how screwed up most people are. The body is normal and nothing to be ashamed of. We’re born naked, though I’ve heard religious fanatics who say otherwise. Seriously, they do.

  3. Haha! Yeah, that was pretty amusing. But the reality is, I live in the deep South and we like to eat. You won’t find many tight buns around here. You’ll see more of the Walmart variety of people and let’s face it, no one wants to see that much junk in the trunk, other to mention what they’re serving up front…know what I mean?

  4. Is this page a joke?Well anyway,my answer to the main topic is as follows
    If leggings are pants,then why cant men wear them freely?Nobody can explain,because their answer is almost always women centric,but then that proves the sexism in such presumptions.

  5. There is only criterion for discussing the appropriateness of leggings:

    * If the leggings are translucent or transparent (meaning “see through”), then they are undergarments and should not be worn alone in public.

    * If the leggings are opaque (meaning “NOT see through”), then they are pants and anyone who doesn’t like it or agree needs to shut up, stop looking and mind their own bleeping business.

    The problem is those who keep looking at something they claim they don’t want to see, who claim to be bothered by something they choose to look at.

    Those who wear what they want are not the problem. If people’s clothing choices were the problem, then men would be barred from wearing cargo pants, burqa pants that barely stay up around their rears, “wife beaters” and other distasteful clothes.

    1. excuse me,how does cargo pants compare with leggings?Last i checked they are proper pants!In any case i always see men wear dark pants to work;its the women who keep on wearing improper stuff like miniskirts and tights to work.To reiterate,they dont wear them together,they wear either miniskirts or tights standalone,as if that somehow replaces the function of proper long dark pants.

  6. Lady, you on crack? Real dude here and all I see bouncin around in those tight ass leggings are hookers and hos. They are a few classy ladies that can wear that stuff. But I see they ass covered. Only tight ass pants my group of guyz find hot is the one y’all wear when ya actually working out!

  7. I think you’re smoking something funny. No matter how tight is your butt, if you’re over 9 years old, you should be wearing real pants unless you’re in a studio or gum exercising.

    1. This really is the most ignorant shit I’ve heard all day.

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