Miley Cyrus Dyed Her Hair and Cut It To Look Just Like Hannah Montana – Cue Nostalgia

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Miley Cyrus really did give us the best of both worlds, because she dyed her hair Hannah Montana blonde and even chopped her bangs.

She is legit rocking a punk Hannah Montana look, and I’ve never been happier.


Y’all she posted this side-by-side of her as Hannah Montana and herself today, and girl’s still got it.

She even posted this pic and told us all that Hannah is punk now. Which, legit, I could totally see Hannah going punk.

She’d be the best.

In fact, punk Hannah might be my favorite Hannah of all time.

She rocked out to the Hannah Montana theme song.

I sometimes still rock out to the HM theme song, so I get it.


She was having the most fun, even jamming out to the Hannah Montana rap.

How weird would it be to have a rap about a character you once played?

Seriously, this is awesome.

Look, it’s Hannah Montana and Billy Ray!

Sigh, best single dad ever.

She was probably just so excited about the 13th anniversary of Hannah Montana’s first show this week, and honestly, so am I.

I can’t believe that show is 13 years old, but it makes sense… my kid is 13, and we totally watched it when she was little!

In fact, we still watch it sometimes. No lie.

First, the Jonas brothers are back, and now Hannah Montana?

I’d do pretty much anything to see this reunion happen. Who’s with me? I mean, it would be the most fun to watch.

Best. Tour. Ever.

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