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Nightmare Before Christmas Squishmallows Are About To Release and It’s Simply Meant To Be

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Squishmallows are taking the world by storm! But can you blame us? They’re squishy and adorable!

So when I heard that an entire new Nightmare Before Christmas collection was coming out, my wallet started crying.

TEN new Squishmallows?!? This picture is thanks to someone who works at Kroger. Not all heroes wear capes.

These have also already been spotted at Walgreens, and are rumored to have a few of these styles appearing in smaller styles at 5 Below.

I will fight someone for that Zero Squishmallow. We are still unsure of the exact release date, but some are already being spotted so get your running shoes!

And on and keep an eye out for other amazing Halloween Squishmallows coming out too! We’ve already covered the Pumpkin Spice Latte one available now!

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  1. Where can I get the jack and oogiie boogie from I live in England but wouldn’t mind paying shipping thanks

    1. @Tom Sidley,
      Try ordering from Walgreens or Five Below online

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