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Cold Stone’s New Barbie Shake Is Taking Over The Internet And I Must Have It

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Move over Grimace, there’s a new milkshake in town, and people are trading purple for pink!

Barbie is set to hit theaters later this month, and Cold Stone Creamery is getting us all ready for the fun by dropping some Barbie-themed goodies into their stores.

Cold Stone Creamery has partnered with Warner Bros. Pictures and Mattel to bring us a special Pink Cotton Candy Ice Cream flavor.

And, of course, TikTok is all over it with a new video trend, and it’s all about the pink.

All the videos start out about the same. Someone goes and gets a Pink Cotton Candy Ice Cream milkshake from Cold Stone, they do a little twirl, and we are transported into the world of Barbie.

Sometimes their cars turn pink, sometimes there are wigs and dresses, but it’s always a Barbie aesthetic, and we love it!

It really makes us want to run out and get one of these pink milkshakes ourselves.

I like this fun and fabulous trend WAY more than that shocking Grimace shake trend from a few weeks ago.

Here’s What To Know About The New Cold Stone Pink Cotton Candy Ice Cream Creations

Now, this Pink Cotton Candy Ice Cream can be eaten just as it is. And, I’m betting it’s DELISH!!

But, Cold Stone also has some fun treats all ready to make with this bright ice cream flavor.

Of course, you can get the Pink Cotton Candy Ice Cream made into a milkshake.

Then, there are 2 new specialty sweets that Cold Stone is all ready to whip up: All That Glitters Is Pink sweet treat and the Best Cake Ever ice cream cake creation.

Cold Stone Creamery

Yum. Get in my belly now!!

All That Glitter Is Pink is an ice cream creation made with the Pink Cotton Candy Ice Cream, mixed with graham cracker pie crust, Dance Party Sprinkles, and whipped topping.

The Best Cake Ever is a 4-layer ice cream cake. There are layers of — my favorite — yellow cake and Pink Cotton Candy Ice Cream.

The outside of the cake looks like it’s been rolled in Dance Party Sprinkles, and the top is covered in fluffy White Frosting.

BRB. I’m headed to Cold Stone to get my own Pink Cotton Candy Ice Cream milkshake!

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