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Netflix’s New Rom-Com Proves That Sometimes All You Need Is Your Friends to Find True Love

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There’s no “I” in love.

Netflix’s new movie proves that love, is all about teamwork.

Courtesy of K.C. Bailey / Netflix

When it comes to playing the field, Netflix shows that sometimes, all you need is your friends to help you find true love.

But for this group of besties, these friends seems to be stuck in one-night stands only, until Mack, (Gina Rodriguez) encounters love at first sight at the office.

Courtesy of K.C. Bailey / Netflix

Captured by his good looks and his career, Mack tells her group of friends that she’s finally ready to settle into a relationship, because isn’t that what we’re all looking for at the end of the day?

Her friend group soon becomes keen on helping her win over Nick, the man she simply can’t stop thinking about.

Courtesy of K.C. Bailey / Netflix

Of course this wouldn’t be a classic rom-com without some drama, failure, and questioning whether or not you should have listened to your heart, rather than head, or vis-versa.

However, even when we do find it difficult to follow our heart or listen to what our head is telling us, Netflix emphasizes that there’s always one thing we can listen too, and that’s our friends!

Courtesy of K.C. Bailey / Netflix

Alongside Gina Rodriguez, rom-com fans can expect this tender-hearted film to star Damon Wayans Jr., Tom Ellis, Joel Courtney, Augustus Prew, Liza Koshy, Ego Nwodim, and Marin Hinkle.  

Netflix’s new movie Players, debuts on the streaming platform this Valentine’s day, on February 14 and you can watch the official trailer, right here.

Courtesy of K.C. Bailey / Netflix

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