Fall Decor Items Have Been Spotted at Target and I Couldn’t Be Anymore Excited

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You know that spooky season is right around the corner when you notice that retail stores are gearing up for fall and the Halloween holiday by releasing a few of their seasonal items.

And thankfully, Target is getting into the fall season and Halloween spirit!

According to a few TikTokers who noticed the Dollar Spot at Target, the retail chain has released a few new seasonal items to give us our Halloween/fall fix early this year!

So what can you expect in the Dollar Spot?

Courtesy of @finalgirlsociety

We’ve spotted some glitter fall fruits such as pumpkins and apples that are absolutely gorgeous.

And in my opinion, tossing these artificial fruits in a large glass bowl act as a great centerpiece for the coffee or console table.

We also found a pumpkin-shaped beverage container that you can add real fruit juice too, like grandma’s secret apple juice recipe.

TikToker @madiheartstoo, found items that are geared more towards the Halloween holiday like Caroline and Hocus Pocus figurines!

Courtesy of @madiheartstoo

Although what’s even better than the artificial pumpkins and a Mary Sanderson figurine is staring at the bright orange wall that we’re all familiar with at Target.

That’s right, it looks like Target is officially preparing for their Hyde & EEK collection thanks to @madiheartstoo who caught the neon orange wall with eyes that stare right back at you!

Courtesy of @madiheartstoo

And even though this wall is empty (for now), seeing the orange colored wall gets us all in the spooky mood!

Courtesy of @madiheartstoo

Not to mention we can at least pretend that it’s nearly Halloween with the glitter pumpkins and fake acorns that will soon decorate the inside of our homes.

So on your next Target run, make sure to stop by the Dollar Spot.

Courtesy of @madiheartstoo

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to Target!

Here’s hoping the artificial pumpkins aren’t sold out yet!

Courtesy of @madiheartstoo

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