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Postage Stamp Prices Are Increasing. Here’s What We Know.

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The winds of change, they are a coming, and we are about to see these changes hit — a place that is already slow, IMHO — the post office.

The price of everything is skyrocketing. From toilet paper, to lumber, to houses, to gas, to food — prices are getting out of control.

Now we need to add another thing to the list of rising prices, and that is the postage stamp.

Sure, this doesn’t seem like a big deal — until you realize that Christmas is only a few months away, and you have to prepare to mail out all those holiday cards. Ouch!

The CURRENT price of a first-class stamp is 55 cents, which can add up very quickly if you have to send something out in bulk: Christmas Cards, Graduation Announcements, Wedding Invitations.

Well get ready, because the price of a postage stamp is about to increase by 3 cents to 58 cents per stamp.

You might have heard the rumors that the U.S. Postal Service was in a bit of financial trouble. This price hike is in an effort to get them financially back on track.

The Post Office is also arguing that slower delivery standards will help to curb the financial burden that the U.S. Postal service is facing.

Slower Standards? Good Gosh!! So, what I’m hearing is that it’s going to cost more money to send things — and now it’s going to take even longer for people to receive these packages.

The Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) is saying that these new plans to slow down and reduce the standards of mail service that we are used to will do nothing to help the Postal Service financially.

The plan also fails to provide sufficient evidence to justify exceptionally limited cost savings projections, use of a flawed demand model and unfounded notions that the majority of American citizens and businesses will actually experience increased satisfaction with these sweeping service cuts.

Ashley Poling, PRC commissioner

In response, the USPS basically said, Thanks for your opinion, but we are going to move forward with this awesome plan anyway.

Now, there are 21 states that are joining in a petition that asks the PRC to jump in and stop the Postal Service from slowing down service.

[It would] harm election mail, mailings of essential documents such as passports and birth and death records and have disproportionate impact on the elderly, rural residents and the disabled.

CBS News

The Post Office wants to relax the standards they have in place — currently a 3-day window to delivery — and slow the standard to a 5-day delivery window.

They say that the price hike on stamps, along with these relaxed standards for delivery, would help offset costs for the USPS.

I do have a strong opinion on the price hike AND the changing postal standards, but I’m curious what YOUR thoughts are!

BTW, the price of stamps is going up August 29, so go out and get your FOREVER stamps at the lower price NOW!!

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