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Here’s How to Order “The Sky” Drink Off of Dunkin’s Secret Menu 

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There’s nothing better than a morning run to Dunkin’.

And the only thing that beats a Dunkin’ run is ordering a drink off the secret menu.

Courtesy of Dunkin’

What’s dubbed “The Sky”, thanks to Dunkin’ employee @Alina Mae Pena who shared the secret menu hack on Facebook, be prepared for this secret menu drink to be your next go-to order.

And yes, if you were wondering if this beverage will look relatively similar to the great blue sky above us, you would be correct!

Courtesy of @Alina Mae Pena

So here’s how to order the not-so-secret Dunkin’ drink.

Starting with a medium size, you’ll want to ask the Dunkin’ employee for a Vanilla Bean Coolatta.

Courtesy of Dunkin’ Donuts

You’ll then want to ask the barista to add 3 shots of vanilla and 3 shots of blue raspberry.

Oh, and be sure to ask for cream rather than milk to be included in your drink!

After the drink is blended, ask the Dunkin’ employee to pour only half of the drink into the cup before adding whipped cream in the middle.

Then, ask for the rest of the drink to be poured on top with extra whipped cream to finish the drink!

The finished result should look like something like a blue sky on a sunny day with minimal clouds that look extra fluffy.

Sounds good right? It looks like a Dunkin’ pitstop is in my future after work.

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