A New Way To Make The Bed

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Here’s the deal, nothing makes me more insane than changing the sheets. You pull and you stretch, and it takes forever, and all I want to do is take a nap by the time I am done.

So, I am working with QuickZip sheets to show you this new way to make the bed.

quickzip sheetBasically, the way these sheets work is the fitted part stays on, but you change out the top part. Which makes total sense because that’s the part we sleep on anyway!

quickzip sheet

It’s way easy to put on– sort of like a skirt. You just slip it over the bed, and then you lay the top of the sheet flat, match up the zippers and you’re good to go.

quickzip sheet

Since it’s all on the side of the bed, you won’t even notice the zippers once you’re done.

quickzip sheet

Plus, they’re really soft and comfortable. We slept on these last night and they felt super nice.

I am going to have to get these QuickZip sheets for ALL my beds.

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