Pillsbury Just Released Mini Cinnamon Sticks That’s Covered In Cinnamon Icing

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What more can we ask of Pillsbury; they have outstanding holiday snacks including Snoopy and pumpkin sugar cookies, cornbread in a can and now, the baking experts have just released mini cinnamon sticks!

Courtesy of Meijer

Obviously the Pillsbury Doughboy has been hard at work because the creation behind this genius idea must have taken long hours of slaying over the oven.

Pillsbury is calling the new snack “mini cinni stix” and if there’s anything I crave that comes out of a plastic tube, it would be this.


The oven bake sweet treat appears to come in sliced cinnamon roll-like dough with a heaping amount of cinnamon icing on the top and it doesn’t just stop there.

So far, the “cinni stixs” have been spotted at Walmart which is a total score since Walmart’s prices are usually cheap!


Pillsbury was kind enough to pack in 24 cinni stixs at once which means whoever bakes the doughy cinnamon treat has to share because there is plenty to go around.

Now I’m sure you’re grabbing your keys right about now to find this glorious sweet treat so all I can say to you now, is that the last one out is a rotten egg! See you there!

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