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Tobey Maguire And Andrew Garfield Are Coming Back For Spider-Man 3 And I Can’t Wait

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Y’all, I just love to get lost in the universe that is Marvel. After the year we have had, it is so nice to just disappear inside a Thor, Captain America, or Spider-Man story!

Courtesy of Marvel

Or, I mean, I don’t discriminate. It can be The Hulk, Iron Man, Rocket and Groot, or one of the other MCU characters. I love them all!!

Courtesy of Marvel

Today, we have some GREAT news out of the world of Spider-Man. Reports are suggesting that Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire are a signed and sealed deal for the new Spider-Man 3 project that is set to start filming — eventually.


We don’t actually know much AT ALL about this new movie, other than it is going to bring together all three Spider-Men into one live-action movie.

How? I’m not sure. Why? I’m also not sure. When? Um — I don’t know.


According to HypeBeast.com, “Doctor Strange will serve to bring the three Spider-Men together for the first time in the final act to defeat the threat of their combined foes.”


It is being said that Andrew Garfield and Tobey MaGuire’s Spider-Men will appear in Tom Holland’s Peter Parker Universe, and they will come together to help defeat — I’m not exactly sure, yet. But, they will defeat SOMEONE or SOMETHINGS. Ha!


This will not just be a post-credits cameo scene. It sounds more like an Endgame reveal with Tom Holland’s Peter Parker facing MANY Spider-Man villains from across Sony’s Spider-Man movies, along with some new ones. Maguire’s Spider-Man and Garfield’s Spider-Man will join Holland’s universe to help him defeat them.


Hey, the important news here is that Andrew Garfield and Tobey MaGuire are coming back!

We will have to wait and see how this plays out — and you KNOW it will be FANTABULOUS, coming from the depths of the MCU!!


Hey, we already know that Jamie Foxx has signed back on to reprise his role of Electro. Could this a foreshadowing of an Electro spin off? Hmmmmm.


You know I will update you with any and all information regarding this movie addition to the MCU! I am so excited!!

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