Jasper Was The Best Vampire From Twilight. Try And Prove Me Wrong!

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Yes, I know, those are fighting words.

Everyone has been Team Edward or Team Jacob since the beginning of Twilight history. But I have, and always will be Team Jasper…and here’s why!


First off, Jasper’s special vampire ability was to sense and manipulate the emotions of people around him – a power that is known as ‘pathokinesis’.


Edward described this as a “subtle ability”, but it seems pretty dang strong to me. Sure, Edward can read minds…but Jasper could literally CHANGE them.


In Twilight, he managed to calm Bella down to such an extent that she fell asleep. And his power extended beyond vampires and humans, to all sorts of creatures. I would say that’s a pretty amazing talent. I could use him around when I’m PMSing.


Jasper was always deemed the one that looked like he was “in pain”. But if you look into his actual back story, you would understand why. He had a super dark upbringing, way worse than his other “siblings”.


Despite Jasper’s “lack of expression” and ability to open up, he has the most compelling back story in my opinion. For one, he fought in the Civil War as a human and became the youngest major in Texas.


Jasper was put in charge of evacuating women and children from a city where Union boats had reached the harbor. After bringing the evacuees to Houston, that’s where he met Maria, the woman who turned him.


He had the hardest time with his blood lust because he was the newest “vegetarian”. But watching that evolve with Alice looking after him and being his rock, how could that not make your heart swoon?


He was also the best fighter due to his military training and the family had to rely on him a lot for the bigger fights of his life. And COME ON, the politeness in the way he talked? How could there not have been a #teamjasper?


You can choose to keep your sparkly emo-ish Edward, or your brooding Jacob, but for me, I will always be Team Jasper. And with the newest book, Midnight Sun coming out, it’s time I stand my ground.


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  1. And did you notice that Jasper doesn’t blink? I’ve watched the films waiting for it. Remember, Bella had to be reminded to do it. He was totally believable as a vampire.