You Can Plant ‘Ice Cream Tulips’ That Look Like Strawberry Ice Cream With Whipped Cream On Top

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Can we all take a moment to embrace the beauty of this flower! I never knew a tulip could look like an actual snack!

You’re probably wondering… a snack?! And I’m saying YES, this type of tulip looks like an actual sweet treat you get from the frozen isle of a grocery store!


You can find this dessert in gallons or pints and some people might even add sprinkles with a cherry on top!


You scream, I scream, and yes we all scream for ICE CREAM! There’s a real tulip that blossoms every April and May and it looks exactly like Strawberry Ice Cream with whip cream on top!

Doesn’t it make you just want to indulge in a big bowl of ice cream?! Me. TOO.


These tulips have double the amount of petals a regular tulip usually has, which makes their appearance similar to a fluffy double scooped bowl of ice cream.


And if you wish to grow these beauties yourself, keep in mind that tulips are an expensive addition to add to your garden, but they may be worth the cost for the beauty they’ll add to your front or backyard!


Some even say the top of the flower is what looks similar to ice cream instead of the bottom, but what do you think? You already know my vote, so that’s one vote for whip cream!

You can get Ice Cream Tulip Seeds on Amazon for around $9.00 with free shipping.


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