This TikTok Video of A Guy Waking Up His Deaf and Blind Dog is The Feel Good Moment We All Need

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Aiden Mann has been sharing TikTok videos that include his dogs, one being a double merle Miniature Australian Shepherd named Plum. Aiden works as a veterinary assistant in Nashville, Tennessee.

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When he first adopted Plum I’m sure he knew that this would be a new adventure in learning for him.

I mean, it takes some serious love and patience to take care of a deaf and blind dog.


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Aiden hopes to bring awareness to the issue in dog breeding called double-merle breeding. It honestly happens a lot with backyard breeders.–OqMYh2SU/

Have you ever heard of a double merle dog? It’s when you breed dogs spot to spot. Merle to Merle breeding can cause huge health issues for the puppies.

My Great Dane is a Merle. If I was to breed her to another Merle this could be the result.

The puppies from these litters can be “double merle”, meaning they inherited the merle gene twice. This results in dogs with mostly white coloring, lack of pigment, with hearing and/or vision loss.

Aiden needed a way to wake Plum without startling her. He tried petting, but that was sudden and startling to a deaf dog.

He tried treats, then he discovered if he gently blew on her nose she would wake less startled.

He posted the video to his TikTok to demonstrate it and everyone instantly fell in love with the cute pup named Plum.

She still gets a little startled, but as soon as she feels that it is him, she quickly settles. Watch the video below and fall in love with Plum!


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