This TikTok Video Shows Us How to Make Carrot Bacon And Now I Have To Try It

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Have you seen Tabitha Brown yet? She is the HILARIOUS vegan cook, that has TAKEN OVER TikTok and Instagram!

Courtesy of @iamtabithabrown on TikTok

She takes recipes that usually call for meat, and changes them to make them vegan.

Not only does she show you how she makes the dishes meatless, she is so matter-of-factly funny about it.

Her latest video has gone VIRAL on TikTok, and I can tell you why.

Not only is she freakin’ hilarious, she is making something that we all know and LOVE — BACON. Well, not REALLY bacon. It’s actually carrot bacon.

If you want actual air fryer bacon, check out the recipe here.

Courtesy of @iamtabithabrown on TikTok

Yes, I said Carrot Bacon.

Courtesy of @iamtabithabrown on TikTok

According to Tabitha, all you have to do is shave the carrot really fine, make yourself a quick marinade, and then throw the “bacon” in the air fryer for 5 minutes.

Courtesy of @iamtabithabrown on TikTok

BOOM! Carrot bacon. (And if you can’t handle carrot bacon, try this tiktok air fryer bacon instead.)

Courtesy of @iamtabithabrown on TikTok

She is also quick to tell you not to judge how much of it she eats, because “that is her business.” Ha!

Courtesy of @iamtabithabrown on TikTok

Y’all. I’m not joking right now. I want to try the carrot bacon. She hooked me!

You can catch the TWO TikTok videos where Tabitha makes the carrot bacon, below.

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