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Hershey’s Has Birthday Cake Candy Bars So Every Day Feels Like A Celebration

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You can get a Hershey’s Birthday Cake flavored Ice Cream Shoppe candy bar, and they look so good, I almost want to lick the screen.


Hershey’s chocolate is the BEST chocolate — say I’m wrong, and I may just fight you.

These Ice Cream Shoppe candy bars first hit the market LAST YEAR, but they were only available in Canada at the time.

WHY?!? They would have been PERFECT to get us through the WORST SUMMER OF OUR LIVES — thanks, COVID.

But, good news!

They are here now, so we can SCREAM for the delicious flavor of Birthday Cake Ice Cream in a scrum-diddly-umptious Hershey’s candy bar form.

NOT ONLY do these Ice Cream Shoppe candy bars come in Birthday Cake flavor, you can also get them in Strawberries ‘N’ Creme flavor and a Cookies ‘N’ Mint flavor as well.


OMG, is your mouth watering yet?

The Birthday Cake flavor is made with a white creme base, and they are filled with tons of rainbow sprinkles — just like you would expect a good birthday cake to be!


Strawberries ‘N’ Creme consists of a white creme base with strawberry-flavored flakes running through the candy bar.

Then there is the Cookies ‘N’ Mint flavor that has a mint-flavored creme base with chocolate cookies throughout.

Yes, please and please and please!

Now, the only bad part — and don’t shoot the messenger — is that you have to go to Hershey, Pennsylvania — home of Hershey’s Chocolate World — to get one of these tasty candy bars.

I can’t even find them on the Hershey Store website. *Slow Tear Running Down My Face*

I say we start a petition NOW to get these colorful Ice Cream Shoppe candy bar creations into a store near us!

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