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Fans Are Demanding Danny Devito Comes Back To Play ‘Phil’ In The Live-Action Hercules Movie

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Disney’s Hercules is getting a live-action remake, and fans are hoping Danny Devito reprises his role as Philoctetes, the Satyr — or Phil, for short.

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If you don’t know your Greek Mythology, a Satyr is a half man sort of beast.

His other half can be either half horse or half goat, depending on who you ask. Disney opts for the half man / half goat angle with Phil.


Phil is the trainer of heroes, who has failed up until Hercules comes along.


Yeah, I had a dream once. I dreamed I was gonna train the greatest hero there ever was. So great, the gods would hang a picture of him in the stars… all across the sky… and people would say, “That’s Phil’s boy.” That’s right.

Phil from Disney’s Hercules

His biggest claim to fame was Achilles, until he hit his heel, and things went south.


As a Satyr, Phil is musical — he sings — he is loud, he loves the nymphs, and he is a crotchety little beast.


Danny Devito plays him spot-on, and it’s impossible to see anyone else trying to perfect the role like Devito did!


Disney has previously revived legendary characters to play their live-action counterparts, like in last summer’s remake of The Lion King. James Earl Jones brought back his distinctive voice to bring life to Mufasa.


Fans are demanding that Disney do the same with the live-action Hercules, bringing Devito back to play Phil. I think it would make the remake a bit PERFECT, don’t you?


For more information on the upcoming live-action Hercules movies, check THIS out.

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